Germany’s Ostwall Museum displayed a conceptual installation by the artist Martin Kippenberger. Valued at $1.1 million, it was called “When It Starts Dripping from the Ceiling.” Part of it was composed of a rubber tub that was painted to appear as if it had once held dirty rainwater. One night while the museum was closed, a new janitor came in to tidy up the premises. While performing her tasks, she scrubbed the rubber tub until it was “clean,” thereby damaging the art. Let this be a cautionary tale, Aquarius. It’s important for you to appreciate and learn from the messy stuff in your life — even admire its artistry — and not just assume it all needs to be scoured and disinfected.
Some people underestimate how erotic it is to be understood.
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by leonid afremov


by leonid afremov

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welcome to this world.

welcome to this world.


"I’ve Been There" by Jonathan Solter

this is literal.


"I’ve Been There" by Jonathan Solter

this is literal.

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Matt Eich - Carry Me Ohio: The Cycle of Poverty in Appalachia (2006-8)

Artist’s statement: 

"Pushed to the fringes of American society are communities in Appalachia marginalized by poverty, which have forged their culture and lifestyle since the early 1900s.

The Appalachian region was once defined by extractive industries such as coal, salt, clay, and timber. However, by the 1970s, most of these industries had closed down or moved on, leaving regions such as rural southeastern Ohio stripped of the natural resources that once provided employment and a way of life for residents. Those who remain often drive more than an hour to work, with many supplementing their income however they can, through legitimate or illegitimate means. Historically, corporations with little vested interest in the long-term prosperity of the region have exploited both the environment and the people of Appalachia.

1. A fallen mile marker, one mile from Chauncey, Ohio on September 8, 2006

2. Ritchie Goins Jr. watches from the window of his parents’ trailer as cinderblocks are brought in as the foundation for his grandmother’s new trailer. Leetha Goins and her children Timmy, 25, Troy, 16, and grandson Will, for whom she cares, were displaced when a drunk driver swerved off the road and crashed into their trailer.

3. A family of identical white cats occupy Dave Bircher’s barn in Guysville where he has farmed the rolling hills of Southeast Ohio for more than thirty years.

4. Sucker Punch

5. Dave Bircher, 71, has farmed the rolling hills of Southeast Ohio for more than thirty years. “Honestly, we’re farming because we love to farm. We’re not farming because we’re making any money.” 

6. Richie Goins, Jr. opens the door of the trailer in search of the family’s puppies while his uncle Timmy, 25, sleeps on the couch. Timmy has cerebral palsy and mental handicaps and requires around the clock care.

7. Boys tussle during a backyard sports gathering 

8. Troy Goins, 16, sucks his toe to console himself as he sits on his new bed in his grandmother’s trailer. His autism makes it difficult for him to deal with even the smallest changes, and self-stimulation or “stimming” is his way of coping.

9. The wind blows an empty field in Glouster, Ohio, on Saturday, May 17, 2008

10. Johnny Evans displays a neck tattoo he received while in prison as he sits in his sister’s boyfriend’s trailer in Chauncey, Ohio


hungry broad green buckets famished for light

pass hard earned radiation into flowers

and let their colorful smelly tissue take all the credit

kind of like sonar, another needy mechanism of nature

starved for confirmation


bats fly into trees - it happens every day,

these winged blind jerks are

offsetting the fault of miscalculated triangulation

onto the crappy math of the jungle

or radio interference


our silicon belt gives residency to a crowd of frat boys

so they may block styx for the acceptive


funny, (haha funny), something suggests

the bovine will cross the threshold most gracefully

robotic eagles will coax milk from the disciples of brahma, mistaking them for dumb, thickheaded heffers

but chitin and graphene will gain education from soft epithelial mothering older than any atom commanded by the ego

and on the other side

joined, collectively

the great big farm will have a collective laugh

as the singular try to pause the oscillation